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What it’s about?
This service has been introduced to save you a home owner and you a small businesses owner the time and often high cost of calling an electrician to fix electrical faults that happen unexpectedly.
Calling and getting an electrician these days can not only be expensive but it can be difficult to get one especially when you require one urgently.

How does it work?
We offer a membership program to households and small business which allows access to an electrician when you need one urgently FOR FREE
The service is available 24 hours 7 days a week all year round including public holidays.

How much does it cost?
Annual membership fee is only £250.00  

What does membership cover?
• 4 calls per year
• Repair or replacement of faulty power points
• Repair and or replacement of faulty lights
• Electrical appliance testing
• Installation of new power points, switches, exhaust fan
• Restoration of a power failure
• 20% discount off major electrical works